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Physical Characteristics

Long Life
With its excellent LTHS(Long Term Hoop Stress), creep resistance properties, semi-permanent use of the system is expected.

Corrosion and scale formation resistance
Although copper and copper alloys (brass and bronze) are used successfully in many plumbing applications corrosion can be a problem. When corrosion does occur in plumbing systems, more is at stake then a potential failure of the system: The concentration of the metals in drinking water can exceed the levels considered to be safe for human consumption.
The procedures used to produce our PB plumbing/heating systems take into consideration the oxidative and physical effects of hot water exposure. Design limits are set accordingly so that the long life of the piping system can be assured. Changes in water chemistry, within the limits of those found in typical water systems, do not cause the rapid deterioration which can be seen in metallic systems when water chemistry changes. Galvanic corrosion also can not occur with PB pipes.
Besides smooth surfaces of PIPE BANK's PB pipes and fittings make them highly resistant to the formation of scale. Metal piping systems and components have a rough surface which allows for scale to adhere to the surface leading to a reduced bore and increased pressure drop due to friction. The scale build up also provides a surface for the formation of biological growth.

Guarantees high purity
PIPE BANK's PB pipes are used in the most demanding applications requiring high purity. For this purpose it is essential to use materials that do not contaminate the fluids they are in contact with. PB pipes supplied by PIPE BANK are qualified for contact with hot and cold drinking water. Its characteristic of resistance to corrosion and scale formation helps guarantee high purity.

Ease of installation
Using the latest technology, design and fit-for-purpose material, PIPE BANK's plumbing/heating systems eliminate the risk of poor connections and leakage. With the new push-fit system the pipe is cut, any burr is chamfered off, and the pipe is pushed into the PEM connector, thus creating a secure, leak-free joint without any special preparation. PIPE BANK's all plastic push fit system delivers reliable connections combined with savings in installation time and cost. Its light weight also makes it possible for the installers of this system to easily transport and install, which eventually reduce costs.